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When you Need a Gastroenterologist

So, most of my posts are about the horse ranch and the stuff that goes on on it.

But I also occasionally throw in articles about other subjects. So today is one of those other-subject articles.

The subject is actually about my daughter and a physical problem that we have been battling for a while.

Did you see that movie that came out called Miracles from Heaven? The one with Jennifer Garner?

Indications for a pediatric gastroenterologist

When I saw that movie it took me right to our daughter’s situation.

Our daughter has struggled with stomach issues for a long time.

At least we thought they were stomach issues. We took her to one gastroenterologist after another, and then found a pediatric gastroenterologist who has helped us solve the problem.

This pediatric gastroenterologist deals with all kinds of issues related to gastroenterology in children. The specific organs along the gastrointestinal tract include the mouth, esophagus, stomach, gall bladder, small intestine, colon, rectum, cecum and appendix.

Our daughter’s problem area was motility. Other diseases and disorders that these docs deal with are abdominal pain, swallowing disorders, intolerance to gluten protein, inflammation of the esophagus, gall bladder disease, vomiting, constipation, and swallowing disorders.

Like I said, our daughter had problems with motility.

Motility has to do with the movement of waste through the intestines and the movement of food through the stomach. It’s actually about the contraction of the muscles that move stuff through the whole gastrointestinal tract. You can have motility issues that are about matter moving too quickly through the tract or too slowly through the tract.

In the movie, the little girl had troubles with the matter not moving through the tract. Her intestines just wouldn’t keep stuff traveling through and it ended up just sitting there. It would not get processed and expelled. For that little girl it was a life-threatening situation.

For our daughter it was the opposite problem. The food and later the waste just went through quickly. Too quickly. The food did not get processed in the stomach like it needed to and just kept on traveling out.

So our little daughter was not getting the nutrients that she needed to sustain her life.

So this was also life-threatening for her. She was having a lot of trouble with her weight, like not weighing enough, and with energy because she wasn’t absorbing energy-giving proteins, and with overall compromised health because she wasn’t getting the nutrients she needed.

We took her to the pediatric GI doc, and he started working with her, trying different treatments. We were hoping to not have to go the surgery route.

Our little girl had good days and bad days. On good days, she was out on her horse, riding with the guys to round up stray cattle or to fix fences.

On her bad days, she barely looked at her horse and just stayed inside, curled up on the couch.

Eventually we landed on a treatment that worked and it changed her life 100%. We take her back to the doc every  few months for a check-up, but she’s got her life back again.

What a relief!

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