On Our Toes: Equestrian Care and Healthy Habits

We had a giant storm last night. Thunder rain hail wind, you name it.

So this morning I sent several crews of guys out to check on all of the horses.

I knew we had a bunch of herds on different parts of the land and I wanted to make sure that the storm hadn’t scattered them or injured them somehow.

I’m really glad I sent the guys out because they discovered a number of problems.

On the north end of the property there are a bunch of fences that had gotten knocked down. Not sure how the storm accomplished this, unless it was some incredible strong tornadic activity.  We keep kind’a glued to the weather channel.

But in any case, the fences were down and they needed to be repaired. One place horses had gotten out and were in a neighboring property.

It has taken all day to just figure out where all the horses had gotten themselves. I know it’s gonna take another day to round them all up and bring them back.

We had two horses that got caught in the wires of the fence. One of them we had to put down. The other one was tangled up in the barbed wire but the hired hand was able to untangle the wire and get the cow out.  She is okay.

The storms washed away some other parts of the land that were important.

We had a built up area that we had created berms around. Somehow the berms around that built-up area created a reservoir that got filled with water and then went over the side and basically moved all of the berm material away.

So that’s gonna be a giant project we have to re-create. I guess next time we’ll have to put in some kind of reinforcing material so that the berms don’t get washed away.

We had some damage around the ranch house too. The wind really did a number on the roof. It got up under the eaves in a couple of places and ripped some of the fascia off the edge of the roof. Must’ve been some really fierce winds that we had.

Anyway so that storm is an example of something that we deal with. Something that happens and then we have to clean up from it and see how it impacted the horses.

One year we had a flash flood, which is pretty unusual for us. It happened in the middle of the day. All of a sudden water came roaring down some of the gullys and plowed right into a herd of horses.

Thank God there were no cowboys out in the middle of those horses or they would have been goners. As it was, we lost a lot of the herd. They couldn’t escape the water and they just drowned. It was a terrible thing.

Another year we had a season of unusual tornado activity. One afternoon a twister went through and lifted up my pickup (I wasn’t in it) and dumped it three miles away on a neighbor’s property.

We never know what’s going to happen around here. Keeps us on our toes, yes, it does.

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