Blake’s About Page

texas rancher

Hey, hello.

Thanks for stopping by my blog site. I hope you enjoy it.

If you can guess anything from my domain name, I have a horse ranch in central Texas. I have about 40,000 acres, and on this land I run horses.

This horse ranch has been in my family for four generations. I have a brother and he did not want to do the business, so I got it and I’m thrilled about it. I really love this business.

We do a lot of things in this business the old-fashioned way. I have crews of guys that I send out on horseback and sometimes they’ll be gone for days.

Don’t get me wrong; we also use technology—GPSs, satellites, etc. And vehicles. I send out guys in trucks as well.

Running this kind of business is like a 24/7 job. Whether it’s repairing fences, tracking down stray horses, figuring out which horses have gotten out and are now roaming on neighbors’ land, dealing with issues among the cowboys, and finding food for the horses if there’s a drought, are all things that I have to deal with.

But I’ve been running the show now for about 20 years and like I said I just love it. There is something about being my own boss, about living life under the large Texas sky, and being out on tons of wide open land that just is good for my soul.I have three kids, and two of them are boys and one is a daughter.

One son could care less about  the horses. The other son is pretty interested, but it’s my daughter who I think has the blood of the company flowing in her veins.

It would not surprise me at all if she wanted to take over the business at some point. So I’m actually grooming her toward that, and at the same time trying to give her wings to fly if she really is passionate about doing something else.

But I have to tell you I love it that one of my kids is passionate about this business and looks she wants to continue it. The son that is interested may turn out to be a surprise and maybe he’ll get involved long-term also. I just don’t know; we’ll have to see.

We have a giant ranch house with a big metal roof and wide wraparound porches. I love to sit out there with my kids and my wife at the end of a long night with glasses of sweet ice tea.

We’ve got a bunch of rockers out there and I’ll just sit and listen to the crickets and look up at the starry sky. It’s heaven, I tell ya.

Anyway, this blog is about life on the horse ranch. I think we’re a dying breed, us horse ranchers. I wanted to record what life is like for us so I started this blog about ten years ago.
Hope you find it interesting!